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Experience the Benefits of Using a Forklift in Your Material Handling Applications

Forklifts are the workhorses of modern industry. They supply the ideal combination of lifting power and flexibility that enables business operations such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, lumberyards and countless others to remain productive and competitive. Whether your application calls for carrying extremely heavy loads across rugged outdoor terrain or delivering parts, stock or equipment through tight indoor spaces with speed and agility, McCall Handling offers high-quality new and pre-owned forklifts to help keep your productivity high and your operating costs low.

Examples of the Many Forklift Uses

There are numerous industrial forklift uses, including:

  • Construction: The construction industry uses forklifts for transporting loads of lumber, bricks, steel beams and other heavy materials around the jobsite. Forklifts may also carry hefty troughs of mortar to masons in bricklaying applications. Another typical forklift use at a construction site is unloading and transporting supplies delivered by truck to storage areas for future use.
  • Warehousing: It’s difficult to find a warehousing operation that does not use forklifts. They’re used for loading and unloading trucks, selecting orders, stacking and unstacking boxes, crates and pallets, and moving materials from one area of the facility to another.
  • Recycling: Recycling yards use forklifts to transport crates of crushed metal, plastic, copper wiring and other materials to designated areas on the property.
  • Ports: Forklifts are indispensable pieces of equipment at ports and dockyards, as they transport cargo unloaded from vessels by cranes to waiting trucks for shipping.
  • Manufacturing: Large manufacturing plants may use forklifts for purposes such as transporting raw materials to production sites, loading and unloading trucks, moving finished products to staging or shipping areas and more.

McCall Handling Offers Top-Quality New and Pre-Owned Forklifts for Sale in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region turn to McCall Handling for their forklift needs. We carry a diverse range of new and pre-owned forklifts from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Our knowledgeable and attentive sales representatives will work with you to assess your requirements and guide you to the best available options for your needs and budget.  

We Also Offer a Full Menu of Forklift Services

McCall provides complete maintenance and repair service to keep your forklifts on the job and minimize your total operating costs. All work is performed by expert technicians who are familiar with virtually every major forklift brand on the market. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of forklift parts, along with all the attachments and accessories you need to tackle your toughest applications.

Contact McCall Handling to learn more about the many benefits of using a forklift in your business – and for the best forklift products and services in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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