Our complete line of Bendi narrow aisle forklifts represents the highest in industry standards, providing options that fit the parameters of your application and dimensions of your site’s layout.

Bendi Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Bendi has been a leader in designing groundbreaking, space-saving forklifts since 1964. Their focus on producing top quality and cost-effective machines has led to a product line developed to suit just about any floor layout. From your tightest aisles to your tallest racks, you’re sure to find the narrow aisle forklift for your needs from Bendi.

Bendi Electric-Powered Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Specializing in forklifts that meet your narrow aisle needs, we carry a selection of Bendi machines perfect for small warehouses, stock rooms and commercial sales floors. For the tightest spaces you’ll find the Bendi B3/30AC an effective handling solution. A three-wheeled, front articulated lift with a narrow mast and compact 43-inch chassis, the B3 provides the strength you need as it features a 3,000-pound capacity for indoor or outdoor paved surfaces. The similarly built LandollBendi B30AC is a four-wheel option that epitomizes the safety, comfort and productivity Bendi forklifts are recognized for.

The next step up in the Landoll line is the B40AC, a four-wheeled narrow aisle lift that offers the same access and agility as the B3 with an increased lift capacity of 4,000 pounds. There’s also the LandollBendi B40VAC — an option that’s just as strong — that extends your upward reach to up to 360 inches, or 30 feet.

As your demand for strength and durability increases, Bendi’s line of electric forklifts includes a number of powerful options. There’s the B55 AC, which features an impressive 5,500-pound capacity, a 56-inch chassis, and a 360 inch lift mast. For the same power and maneuverability, but with an upgraded 84-inch right-angle stack, the Bendi B55 AC-HL is another option.

Bendi Gas Powered Forklifts

We also carry the powerful Landoll B40i4. A four-wheel LP gas-powered lift. This versatile machine provides the strength you need, while it’s still nimble enough to get down the tightest aisles as it’s only 49 inches wide.

Additional Information on Our Bendi Product Line

Bendi narrow aisle forklifts put the comfort and safety of your operator first.

Other features include:

  • comfortable seated operation
  • easy-reach controls
  • adjustable steering columns
  • horns and seatbelts
  • hydraulic power steering
  • safety deadman seat switches
  • backing up alarms
  • fire extinguishers
  • operator compartment monitors.

As you can see, our Bendi product line delivers the ultimate solution to narrow aisles with its productivity, comfort, and safety. Contact us today for a free quote on a Bendi forklift.