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Transport Heavy Loads with Columbia Burden Carriers

Burden carriers perform a number of important and practical functions in industries such as retail, hospitality, security, maintenance, professional sports and many others. These nimble, versatile vehicles provide a fast, effective means of transporting heavy loads from one point to another.

Columbia burden carriers offer a load capacity that will meet your quick cargo transportation needs. Capacities vary with each model. Some burden carrier models are built for narrow spaces such as warehouses, while others are suited for transporting loads over longer distances or towing extra weight.

McCall Handling proudly offers a variety of economical, innovative and efficient Columbia burden carriers for just about any transportation application. As an experienced Mid-Atlantic burden carrier dealer, we can help you select the best carrier model for your business needs.  


About Columbia Burden Carriers

Columbia burden carriers are tough and dependable. They feature advanced engineering that meets the needs of heavy industry, along with great value and flexibility. Both gas and electric models are available and all include the following advanced features:

  • Four-wheel design for maximum stability
  • Steel frame construction for toughness in all applications
  • High-efficiency axle using automotive technology for increased maneuverability
  • Self-adjusting brakes
  • Robust drive motors for flawless operation in hot/harsh environments
  • Programmable performance characteristics that help to conserve energy


Customize Your Columbia Burden Carrier by Selecting From Multiple Options

Columbia burden carriers give you the flexibility to customize your vehicle to meet your specific performance, comfort and safety requirements. Available options include seat belts, turn signals, deck extensions, all-weather cab exposures and more. Electric Columbia burden carriers feature the longest runtime per charge, providing one of the lowest operating costs in their class. Models are available with payload capacities up to 4,200 pounds and towing capacities up to 14,000 pounds.

Exclusive Service and Maintenance on All Columbia Burden Carriers

McCall Handling not only sells Columbia burden carriers, but we also provide factory-certified service on all gas and electric models. With a team of more than 65 technicians and an additional 55 staff members capable of providing mobile field service at your location, we are your choice for comprehensive repairs, upgrades, parts replacement, regular maintenance and more. McCall Handling also offers training programs on specific vehicles to ensure your team can safely operate your burden carrier.

Visit Your Nearby McCall Handling Location for a Closer Look at Columbia Burden Carriers

If you’re looking for Columbia burden carriers in the Mid-Atlantic region, McCall Handling has five convenient locations that serve Maryland, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., the eastern shore, northern Virginia and Delaware. Stop by for a closer look or feel free to contact us for additional product or pricing information.

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