At McCall, it’s our goal to provide our customers with solutions that economically improve the efficiency of their operation. Our complete line Columbia products including burden carriers, personnel carriers, tow vehicles, and utility vehicles represent the highest industry standards and are sure to provide you with an option that fits the parameters of your application.

Columbia Burden Carriers

Our selection of industrial vehicles is second-to-none, featuring the versatile and maneuverable Columbia Payloader Series and Stockchaser IS12. Whether you are carrying light loads or need a vehicle for heavy-duty hauling, you’ll find it here.

Columbia’s BC2 Standard, BC3 Medium and BC4-L-48A Payloaders all feature the same chassis to ensure rugged durability. They have up to a 5,000-pound capacity and can tow as much as 14,000 pounds. Columbia’s fast-moving and efficient StockChaser features a maximum forward speed of 10 mph and boasts an exceptional 1,000-pound capacity, making it a warehouse essential for everything from order picking and stock replenishing to towing and material expediting.

Columbia Personnel Carriers

When you need a vehicle to transport personnel, Columbia’s line offers top-quality performance and flexibility to suit your specific requirements. The Chariot CR-10 is a nimble transporter that can fit through doorways and travels three times faster than walking speed to get your key personnel to their destination in a hurry. The narrow dimensions and short turning radius of the Expediter EX21 maneuvers through tight spots and it converts into a two-person transport. For the ultimate in comfort and performance, the Shuttle C6 gets you to your location quickly and safely with room for four and additional capacity for carry-on baggage.

Columbia Tow Vehicles

For a tow vehicle that’s maneuverable, safe, and capable of heavy-duty workloads, the ROVR IR23 is your solution. As a burden carrier and shopping cart retrieval system all in one, the “Tugger” is rated with an 800-pound capacity and can tow up to 6000 pounds.

Columbia ParCar Utility Vehicles

Our selection of Columbia general-use utility vehicles addresses a vast spectrum of applications. The Scout S10 is great for expansive job sites and rugged terrain, while the zero-emission Summit Utility SUV is the ParCar of choice for transportation on college campuses, park systems, military bases and industrial complexes. For the highest load capacity and heavy-duty performance, the Utilitruck Series is efficient, noiseless and equally functional for indoor and outdoor use.

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