To Whom It May Concern,

McCall Handling Co. (McCall) is a part of the nation’s critical infrastructure as defined by 42 U.S.C 519c(e), Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21) and the United States Department of Transportation. On March 19th 2020, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a standalone federal agency operating under U.S. Department of Homeland Security oversight, issued a memorandum to provide guidance on the essential critical infrastructure workforce. In it, CISA identifies “transportation and logistics” workers as essential to continue critical infrastructure viability.

Those transportation and logistics workers include the following:

  • Employees supporting or enabling transportation functions, including dispatchers, maintenance and repair technicians and workers that maintain and inspect infrastructure.
  • Employees of firms providing services that enable logistics operations, including cooling, storing, packaging and distributing products for wholesale or retail sale or use.

McCall employees fit squarely into these definitions, as their work enables delivery of food, fuel, medicine and other supplies that are vital to the nation’s ability to respond to the current pandemic emergency.

The bearer of this letter is an employee of McCall and is currently performing services that are essential to the health, safety and security of the nation, and is therefore exempt from any local, state and/or federal restrictions on travel or work outside the home imposed in connection with any pandemic control measures. Accordingly, as a matter of federal law, you may not prevent, delay, or otherwise interfere with the performance of this individual’s duties for McCall.

Should you have any questions please contact any of the following:

Joseph Karasek Manager 443-336-0050
Jeff Kenny Manager 443-677-0645
Bill Mullen Controller 443-324-1776



William E. Mullen, Jr.
410 388 2600 x-209