Cushion Forklift Tires

When you rely on forklifts for heavy lifting each day, you need high-quality forklift tires that are designed for your specific application. You’ll find two basic types of forklift tires: cushioned and pneumatic. Cushion forklift tires are among the most popular options for warehouse operations and similar businesses for the range of benefits they offer.

Here’s a look at cushioned forklift tires and their specific benefits, as well as how to get the cushion forklift tires you need from McCall Handling.

What Are Cushioned Forklift Tires?

Cushion forklift tires are made of solid rubber that features a smooth surface. Cushion tires are almost exclusively used on smooth surfaces like warehouse floors and loading docks. While they can’t help on uneven surfaces or rough terrain, they provide superior performance and maneuverability when used indoors. If you’re in the market for forklift tires that can get the job done on smooth indoor surfaces, cushion forklift tires are likely your best and most cost-effective option.

The Benefits of Cushion Tires

What makes cushion forklift tires so popular? You’ll find cushion tires in warehouses around the world, for the many benefits they offer, including:

  • Maneuverability: Perhaps the most prominent benefit of cushion tires is how they help forklifts navigate and maneuver around even the tightest warehouses. Cushion tires create a larger turning radius for equipment, which means its easier to turn around on narrow aisles and similarly tight spaces.
  • Versatility: Cushion tires fit smaller forklift frames and work on equipment with lower ground clearances.
  • Long service life: Because of their solid rubber construction, there are never pressure or puncture issues with cushion forklift tires. The longer lifespan of cushion tires provides more value to the companies that use them.
  • Operator comfort: The solid rubber construction of cushion tires also creates a smooth ride for operators. When working on a warehouse floor over the course of a day, operators appreciate the smooth ride and comfort that cushion tires provide.
  • Cost-effectiveness: There’s a time and place for pneumatic forklift tires, but they are certainly more expensive than cushion tires. If you run an indoor operation that leans on forklifts, cushion tires are undoubtedly the most cost-effective solution you can find.

Cushion Forklift Tires for Sale From McCall

Find the cushion forklift tires you need at McCall Handling. Since 1948, we’ve been serving the Mid-Atlantic region with high-quality products like cushion tires from leading manufacturers, as well as outstanding service that our customers can count on. Browse our selection of cushion forklift tires, and get in touch with our customer service team with any questions.