Drexel Forklifts For Sale

For today’s competitive material handling businesses, every inch of storage space is prime real estate. That’s why McCall Handling is proud to offer warehouses, distribution centers and a host of other material handling businesses the freedom and versatility of Drexel forklifts and lift trucks designed for use in very narrow aisles — or VNAs.

The design of each Landoll Drexel forklift is a four-in-one combination that packs the following features into one high-performance solution:

  • A sideloader
  • A turret truck
  • A reach truck
  • A conventional counterbalanced truck

Along with our industry-leading service and support, you effectively get four lifting solutions for the price of one when you choose a Drexel forklift from McCall Handling. This means easier navigation through everything from narrow aisles to mezzanines, improved safety for your employees and ultimately better performance for the products you’re handling.