Choose McCall Handling Company for Hyster Forklifts and Lift Trucks

When shopping the market for a Hyster forklift, McCall Handling wants you to think of us as your trusted supplier. We carry a huge selection of options and look forward to helping you find the perfect solution for your operation. Whether you are looking for a big lift truck for heavy-duty jobs or need a narrow-aisle lift for order picking, McCall Handling has you covered.

Hyster Industrial Lift Trucks

When you need a big lift truck to handle the most demanding jobs, Hyster’s trucks raise the bar. Our selection covers a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from the versatile and maneuverable H190-360 HD2 Series to the raw power of the massive H1050-1150HD-CH Series. Whether you need the H400HD-EC5 to handle empty-stacked containers or the lifting power and turning radius of the RS46-41LS reach stacker, you’ll find it here.

IC Cushion Tire Forklifts

When you require a versatile mid-size forklift or indoor lift truck, our line of IC Cushion Tired Units provide the results you are looking for. From the S30-40FTS Series that’s a popular option for small warehouses to the S135-155FT Series that’s perfect for hauling much heavier loads/paper rolls, these Hyster trucks are built to last and perform.

Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks

Hyster’s line of pneumatic tire forklifts can handle a variety of tasks for indoor and outdoor use. Included in our range of trucks are the diesel-powered H170-190FT Series for applications in lumberyards and car salvage. Choose the H40-70FT Series for everything from home improvement warehouses to plywood mills.

Electric Counterbalanced Hyster Forklifts

The new line of electric lift trucks from Hyster provides incredible performance and ergonomics. Within our complete selection you’ll find the “Zero Emissions” alternative E45-70XN Series with capacities of up to 7,000 pounds and the E30-40SD2 Series for a compact and powerful three-wheel standup forklift.

Narrow Aisle Electric Forklifts

When you need a narrow-aisle forklift, Hyster trucks are your answer. Hyster Reach Trucks are great for grocery and wholesale applications, and the Order Picker increases productivity for home improvement and general warehouses. For very narrow aisles, Hyster electric lift trucks can handle the demands of large distribution centers.

Hyster Electric Pallet Jacks

Hyster electric pallet trucks and lifts are built to give your volume a boost in your warehousing or retailing application. We have a huge selection to suit your specific needs, from trucks that can maneuver through congested spaces, such as the B60ZAC, to those with surprisingly high capacity, such as the B802 Pallet Trucks with fork lengths from 42″ – 144″.

Hyster Forklifts for Sale from McCall Handling

McCall Handling Company has been lifting customers to new heights in productivity since 1948. We invite you to shop our selection of Hyster forklifts and contact us for a free quote today!