Genie – IWP Super Series

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Genie® IWP® Super Series lifts can be easily moved around your worksite and set up in seconds. In addition, all AC and DC models are equipped with an auxiliary platform-lowering feature located at the ground controls, enabling descent in the event of a power failure. Reaching heights of 35 ft 6 in (11 m), the easy-to-use Genie IWP lift comes in two base models (standard and wide) with four different platform options to meet your specific application requirements.

Model Working Height
IWP-20S 26 ft 3 in
IWP-25S 30 ft 11 in
IWP-30S 35 ft 6 in

User-Friendly Platform and Controls
Control features include a low battery indicator, locking key switch, a dual-activated up/down switch and proper setup confirmation. Select units have a ground fault interrupter receptacle on the platform for convenient use of power tools.

Outreach Option
Provides over 2 ft (61 cm) of additional horizontal reach (Genie® IWP®-20S only). Ideal for maneuvering up and over shelves, machinery and equipment (ANSI, CE, AUS only).

Exceptional Stability
Rigid aluminum mast provides user comfort and security, and features heavy-duty lifting chains for strength and reliability. Units also feature built-in automatic level sensing. Two front integral leveling jacks provide an additional 2 in (5 cm) of adjustability.

Doorway Access
The standard base model easily rolls through standard doorways. The Genie IWP-30S wide base model rolls through typical industrial double doorways.