Genie – QuickStock Series

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The Genie® QuickStock™ (QS) lift is designed to make your inventory picking fast, easy and safe. An expansion of the versatile and popular Genie Runabout® product line, the Genie QuickStock lift is both compact and easy to maneuver.


It is available in all three Genie Runabout® model heights (12 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft), and comes in two different versions: Retail (R) or Warehouse (W).

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QuickStock Retail Version

The Genie QuickStock Retail lift offers standard features customized for front of the house applications. Dual flashing beacons notify surrounding people that the unit is in operation. Additionally, an obstruction sensing pad located on top of the chassis senses when an object is on the unit, causing the platform to automatically stop descending.

QuickStock Warehouse Version

The Genie QuickStock Warehouse lift version is intended for controlled environments such as warehouse applications.