Hyster S80-120FT

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A versatile lift truck designed for indoor use, the Fortis® S80-120FT lift truck series is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as paper manufacturing, industrial/commercial machinery and primary metal products. To exceed applications requirements, the series offers various powertrain combinations, a productivity enhancing ergonomic operator compartment as well as additional cooling and efficiency options.

Multiple Powertrain Choices to Handle Your Toughest Applications
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Model Capacity (lbs)
S80FT 8,000
S80FT-BCS 8,000
S100FT 10,000
S100FT-BCS 10,000
S120FT 12,000
S120FTS 12,000
S120FT-PRS 12,000
  • Powertrain combinations include the durable Kubota 3.8L spark-ignited LPG engine
  •  Engine features Hyster® Variable Power Technology™, selectable performance modes that can be adjusted to maximize productivity or fuel economy to fit specific application requirements
  •  Advanced transmissions are built for durability and patented controllability, while extending tire and brake life up to 50%
  • Ergonomic operator compartment includes optimized step height with non-slip tread, soft touch contoured hand grip and infinitely adjustable steer column

Maximum Cooling and Efficiency Options:

  • On-demand cooling system matches cooling fan speed to engine temperature, maintaining optimum engine and transmission temperatures, virtually eliminating the possibility of overheating
  •  On-demand hydraulic system featuring TouchPoint mini-lever controls pumps oil only when required, reducing fuel consumption
  •  Combi-cooler contains an individual transmission oil cooler to maximize heat dissipation
  •  Full venting package draws air into the engine compartment from higher on the truck to enhance airflow and avoid radiator clogging
  •  Fully sealed wet disc brakes virtually eliminate brake maintenance and often last the life of the truck

For applications requiring the use of attachments, Hyster® attachment-ready models are available with a factory modified front end, which allow for seamless truck and Bolzoni Auramo clamp interface (see Downloads for more information).