Precision Telehandler – PT40

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The PT40 is designed specifically to meet the needs of the experts in the machinery moving and rigging industry, its compact size and impressive capabilities also make it an excellent choice for moving heavy loads in manufacturing and heavy industrial applications. The PT40 has an impressive lift capability of 20 tons to a height of 20 feet.



  • 91 hp at 3000 rpm
  • 166 ft lbs at 1400 rpm
  • Heavy-duty cast iron block and head
  • Spin-on fuel filter
  • Dual element intake air filtration

The General Motors 3.0L four-cylinder engine runs on both gasoline and propane. By generating maximum torque at much lower speeds than the automotive engines, the PT40 operates at lower RPM, creating a quieter, safer working environment. A temperature-activated, variable speed cooling fan also minimizes noise while maximizing cooling. There are two engine speed control modes: a foot treadle for traveling, and a dash-mounted control for load handling.

Wireless Remote Control

All PT40 drive and lift functions can be controlled via a wireless transmitter, allowing a single operator to observe the entire work environment without being confined to the operator’s station.


7 inch color LCD display

All gauges and load position information are displayed on the monitor, which also allows access to diagnostic tools on all hardware components.