Types of Forklifts We Sell

What type of forklift do you need for your work? At McCall Handling, you’ll find a range of equipment options that includes your choice of:

  • Fuel/Power: You’ll find both electric and diesel options in our selection. Electric models naturally provide convenience and energy efficiency. Opting for a diesel forklift means that you need a source of fuel, but it also means that you enjoy the increased power that comes with a diesel-powered model.
  • Wheels: We offer both 3- and 4-wheel models in our selection. A 3-wheel model is good for navigating through tight spaces and narrow aisles. When you choose a 3-wheel model, you’ll also discover a lower price point. A 4-wheel model is best at crossing uneven ground and rough terrain, though 4-wheel models are a little more expensive and struggle in tight spaces.
  • Capacity: How much heavy lifting do you need your forklift to do? We offer traditional forklift options that can handle reasonable loads, as well as high-capacity forklift options that are best at lifting unusually heavy loads.
  • Tires: Forklift tires fall into two basic categories: pneumatic and cushion. You can choose pneumatic tires, which are either solid or air-filled and perform best on uneven ground and rough terrain. You can also choose cushion tires, which are exclusively solid and perform best on finished surfaces like those you’ll find inside warehouses. Cushion tires are better for navigating tight aisles and narrow spaces.

There are plenty of other options you have access to when shopping for a forklift through McCall Handling. These options listed above tend to be among the biggest key decision factors for warehouse managers and others searching for handling equipment solutions.