Pneumatic Forklift Tires

Forklifts are essential for work inside warehouses, at construction sites, in lumber yards and in other similar environments. While it’s important to have a powerful forklift that works dependably on a day-to-day basis, it’s just as important to have forklift tires that perform reliably each day.

When searching for forklift tires for inside use, outside use and yard work, you’ll encounter what are called “pneumatic forklift tires.” Here’s a look at everything you need to know about pneumatic forklift tires, as well as the types of forklift tires you’ll find in the selection at McCall Handling.

What Are Pneumatic Forklift Tires?

Pneumatic forklift tires are similar to the tires you’ll find on your vehicle. They include treads and are designed for performance in challenging conditions. You’ll find two basic types of pneumatic forklift tires: solid pneumatic tires and air-filled pneumatic tires. Solid tires are desirable because they are made completely of rubber and there’s nothing to puncture. Air-filled tires are more like vehicle tires in that the air pressure can vary and there’s always a possibility of puncture.

The Benefits of Pneumatic Tires

When you choose pneumatic tire forklifts, you’re able to use the equipment almost anywhere. Pneumatic forklift tires provide a powerful grip and stability even on surfaces that may be uneven and on outdoor terrain that may be rough. Compare pneumatic forklift tires to cushion forklift tires, which are also made of solid rubber but are smooth and don’t allow for the same level of performance. Cushion forklift tires are often less expensive than pneumatic options, but they greatly limit your forklift capabilities.

What type of forklift tires are best for you and your operation? Only you can answer that question based on your capacity and function needs. But know before making a decision that pneumatic forklift tires are known to help warehouse and construction workers get more done each day.

Pneumatic Tires for Sale From McCall

At McCall Handling, we offer a range of pneumatic tires to choose from. Since 1948, we’ve proudly served the Mid-Atlantic region with the best in forklifts, forklift tires and accessories, as well as other products. And we’ve also focused on providing outstanding customer service.

Our selection of pneumatic forklift tires is made available through leading industry manufacturers. Browse our selection forklift tires. We have air-filled and solid pneumatic tires.  Contact our customer service team should you have any questions as you consider your options.