Our Forklift Rental Fleet

When you’re looking for the best forklift rental options in the Mid-Atlantic region, look no farther than the rental fleet you’ll find at McCall Handling. When you choose our rental forklift options, you unlock a number of benefits that can help you and your team work more effectively and efficiently.  We have five locations locations, all of which offer forklift rentals.

First and foremost, our forklift rental options are well-maintained. While individual owners of forklifts may have a hard time keeping up with recommended maintenance schedules, our team follows a rigid maintenance plan designed to help our forklifts perform at their peak potential while also realizing their maximum lifespan. Before you start using one of our rental options, you can rest assured it has been serviced appropriately before it finds use in our warehouse or at your construction site.

And, when you choose the selection at McCall Handling, you also enjoy access to many different options. We know that no two customers have the same exact needs when looking for a forklift rental. Some might need an electric forklift, while others may be searching for a model that runs on diesel. Some customers may need a forklift with pneumatic tires for use on rough terrain, while others may need cushion tire forklifts for maneuverability on a narrow warehouse floor.

Our forklift rental options also offer varying capacities. What type of heavy lifting do you need a forklift to do? We know that various operations have varying needs, and those unique needs demand equipment designed to get specific jobs done. We spend time getting to know your unique needs so that we can recommend the best forklift rental to meet them.