Cantilever Rack

From plywood and lumber to boats and furniture, just about any large or bulky item can be efficiently stored using a cantilever racking system. Like its name implies, a cantilever rack is made up of a series of projecting arms — either straight or canted — attached at one end to a column that’s supported by a base and sway braces. Thanks to its open design, steel cantilever racking is ideal for storing long, heavy and bulky materials like metal rods, iron pipes and sheets of drywall.

Because cantilever racks are such a useful storage solution for so many industries, they can be assembled in almost any arrangement. In addition to deciding on the height and length of a cantilever racking system, there’s also the option to choose either single- or double-sided cantilever configurations. Just be warned that even if a single-sided cantilever upright has holes for support arms on its back-facing side, it should never be used for double-sided storage.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a popular choice, especially when compared to other traditional forms of storage that occupy more floor space while failing to leverage the vertical potential of a space. Of course, once properly installed, a cantilever racking system has the potential to increase the efficiency and safety of almost any space.

Consider that once your inventory is stored more effectively in a vertical arrangement, your fuel and labor costs could be reduced due to more efficient organization. And if your forklifts and operators are spending less time loading and moving inventory, there are also fewer costs associated with vehicle maintenance. Plus, with the open configuration of cantilever racking, the risk of a forklift hitting and damaging racks or supports is greatly reduced.

In addition, since floor space is increased, the chances of tripping and injuries associated with operating in tight spaces are also minimized. And as so many people in the warehouse industry can attest, a safer workplace tends to be a more productive workplace.

Cantilever Rack Arms

Along with the appropriate base, uprights and sway bars, choosing the right cantilever racking system involves deciding on which rack arms to use. For the most part, cantilever rack arms are either straight or canted. And if there’s increased risk of stock rolling off of the rack arms, they can also be ordered with a lip to prevent goods from falling off inadvertently.

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