Are you looking to dramatically increase the efficiency of your warehouse and those who work there? Do you also handle numerous stock keeping units, or SKUs, that need constant rotation? If you’ve answered, “Yes” to either of these questions, installing a carton flow rack system could be the affordable answer you’re searching for.

With the ability to be customized to your specific inventory needs, as well as the versatility and functionality to work with conveyor belt systems, carton flow racks are a low-maintenance storage solution that offers big benefits to warehouses and distribution centers of all sizes.

Read on to learn more about how a carton flow shelf works and to find out whether its advantages can help your company.

How Carton Flow Shelves Work

No matter its size, every carton flow shelf operates on simple gravity. This means that once it’s installed, you’re ready to reap its benefits without having to pay for an ongoing energy source to make it work. It also means there’s a much more reduced risk of mechanical failure that could cost you further time and money.

Built with slightly sloping shelving, carton flow racks allow for first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management. With distinct and separated loading and retrieval points, your stockers and pickers can work in a highly efficient manner while each SKU simply slides down into place awaiting its turn.

Since carton flow racks are so versatile, they can be customized to handle items of almost any size and are easily incorporated into larger warehouse inventory management solutions, such as belt-driven conveyor systems.

Advantages of Flow Rack Systems

Compared to traditional forms of stationary shelving, flow rack systems offer several benefits. First and foremost, in a fast-paced warehouse with multiple SKUs, flow racks allow for a much denser storage of inventory. As matter of fact, many users of flow rack systems report space savings of well over 50 percent when compared to static forms of storage.

In addition, since loaders and pickers can work simultaneously without getting in the way of each other, there’s an increase in labor efficiency. This results in the two main benefits of lower labor costs and higher productivity. Instead of spending more for labor to travel from shelf to shelf, increased loading and picking points can add up to substantial cost savings while productivity increases.

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