Loading dock lift systems, commonly referred to as scissor lifts, are an essential piece of equipment for busy loading bays. With a heavy-duty capacity for the handling of almost any materials, dock lifts allow ground level access to everything from postal trucks to refrigerated containers. What’s more, with options for permanent installation or mobile use, heavy-duty scissor lifts mean you can say goodbye to the hassle, space and safety issues associated with ramps.

In just about any instance where goods need to be handled from either ground level or a high or low dock to a vehicle that doesn’t have the same height as your loading bay, a loading dock lift system is the efficient answer you’re looking for. Plus, by putting an end to manual loading and unloading, using a forklift for loading and unloading saves you time and money and allows for safer handling of inventory and helps reduce the risk of falls and injuries that could result from manual loading and unloading in mismatched height situations.

McCall Handling — The Loading Dock Lift Experts

Since 1948, McCall Handling has been supplying the Mid-Atlantic region with quality storage solutions for warehouses and loading docks. In that time, our team members have become experts in helping warehouses, distribution centers and storage spaces obtain the right equipment to create safe and efficient working environments. So when you’re in the market for scissor lifts, simply contact us to learn more about which lift system would fit your loading dock needs.