Factory Cat Scrubbers and Sweepers

McCall Handling Company specializes in warehouse solutions, carrying the strongest, most dependable products to save you time, money and improve overall efficiency. We offer a complete line of Factory Cat products including floor scrubbers, sweepers and dual-purpose sweeper-scrubbers. When it comes to exceptional toughness and cleaning performance, Factory Cat is a name you can trust for industry-leading standards.

Factory Cat Floor Scrubbers

Whether you are looking for a ride-on floor scrubber or a walk-behind, we have a wide range of Factory Cat options to choose from. Our stock ranges from the nimble Micro Scrubber with traction drive that’s ideal for congested spaces, such as workshops or car dealerships, to the rugged, high-performance XR Scrubber for industrial applications.

We carry Factory Cat floor scrubbers that use the powerful “Disk” system to outperform the competition in scrubbing power, as well as cylindrical units that improve efficiency by sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass. Other models include the compact GTX Scrubber,the Magnum, and the MicroMag Scrubber for tight spaces.

Factory Cat Floor Sweepers

For sweeping every dirt and debris on floors, Factory Cat provides solutions that are compact, yet powerful, and durable. We carry both walk-behind and riding sweepers to suit the specific needs of your operation, including the 34 Walk Behind and the TR Rider models.

These sweepers are quality-built and feature all-steel construction. They are fitted with oversized components that are built to last and perform. Factory Cat sweepers utilize a large tubular main broom that sweeps debris up into a steel hopper, while a side broom helps get to dirt in corners and along walls where other machines can’t.

Factory Cat Scrubber-Sweepers

When you need a machine that not only sweeps up dirt and debris, but also scrubs simultaneously, Factory Cat has a selection tailored to your needs. The GTX Sweeper-Scrubber Series offers an option that provides the increased productivity of a ride-on while matching the maneuverability of a walk-behind. Factory Cat’s Magnum is designed to take agility and operator productivity to new levels, featuring a large battery, a 30-gallon tank, and multiple scrub paths for customized performance.

Other scrubber-sweepers in stock include Factory Cat’s MiniMag and XR Series. The XR is a rider machine designed to provide the productivity of a large, industrial scrubber-sweeper with maximum maneuverability. The walk-behind MiniMag has a superior sealed transaxle to make cleaning steep ramps a breeze; plus it is great for use in confined spaces and on uneven surfaces.

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