Do you need a highly efficient way to store pallets and the materials they hold? If so, wire mesh decking may be the right choice for your industrial space, warehouse or storage facility. Wire deck — also referred to as welded-wire rack decking — is a revolutionary step forward for the shelving and storage of palletized materials on racks. Here’s how it works:

A pallet rack wire design of welded mesh wiring is fitted to a racking system where it then evenly carries the load of the pallets stored on it. Note that before installing and using wire decking, you need to be aware of the UDL, or uniformly distributed load, it is rated for.

Of course, when you work with our team at McCall Handling, you benefit from our more than 65 years of experience serving the Mid-Atlantic region in the materials handling industry. So whether you’re interested in pallet rack wire or some other storage equipment solution, your questions and needs are met with the type of expertise that helps your business grow in the manner and direction you want it to.

Now let’s take a look at some the distinct benefits welded wire rack decking offers today’s increasingly complex material storage and distribution spaces.

Support Benefits of Wire Decking

If you’ve ever used support bars on their own as a way to store palletized goods, you’re probably already aware of some of the benefits wire decking provides. Unlike the extreme stress support bars carry when used on their own, the strong design of properly welded wire rack decking spreads the load to the entire racking system. The results are a much more evenly distributed weight bearing system.

To add to your investment, wire decking is a smart solution that also pays off by being a highly durable material. Made in a variety of sizes and finishes to match your storage needs, wire decking not only fits your pallet storage requirements but also retains its original look and integrity when used correctly. As a result, it offers a much longer lifespan than less robust storage options.

On top of its strength features, wire decking also offers a distinct advantage to your warehouse and workers. Because wire decking has so many open spaces between its grid of welded wire, it allows light to easily shine through. This means more light passes through your storage spaces and shelving, resulting in fewer shadows and brighter working conditions, which enables pickers to complete their runs more efficiently.

Safety Features of Wire Mesh Decking

As we’ve already seen, wire decking is a strong and stable pallet storing solution. Its solid nature is a safety feature in itself. And, of course, with its ability to let light shine through, it’s also a highly desirable design that provides warehouse employees with a safe environment to work in.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, wire decking also has a major safety feature over other forms of shelving and storage. Due to its mesh design, the metal wire decking allows water to easily pass through it. This means unlike wood, plywood or other solid materials that can be both a fire hazard and prevent water from passing through, wire decks don’t interfere with a sprinkler system’s distribution of water. For this reason, an increasing number of fire codes even require wire decking for indoor pallet storage spaces.

With its many benefits and safety features, wire decking is a smart choice — and so is working with our team at McCall Handling when it’s time to make that choice. Contact us today for assistance with all your wire decking needs.