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Matching your inventory management needs to the right industrial racking system has never been easier or more cost-effective than when you choose to work with McCall Handling. Because we’ve been serving the equipment needs of warehouses and distribution centers for more than 65 years, we have the expertise and products you’re looking for.

From the versatility of pallet racking to the efficiency of push-back rack systems, we can help you find a vertical racking solution that meets both your budget and your inventory management requirements.

Types of Warehouse Storage Racks

  • Pallet Rack-  For many warehouse professionals, pallet racks are the number-one choice for the organization and storage of palletized goods. Since they can be assembled in a wide variety of configurations, pallet racking systems offer warehouses easy access to their goods. In addition, selective pallet racks have the added versatility of being arranged to support either single or back-to-back storage of pallets.
  • Cantilever Rack- For materials that are too long or heavy or that simply don’t fit neatly into a standard racking system, there are cantilever racks. Used a great deal by lumber, hardware, furniture and steel goods suppliers, cantilever racks offer an open form of stacking long or awkward items without uprights getting in the way of storage space.
  • Carton Flow Rack- To help increase efficiency and reduce handling time, carton flow racks operate by using gravity to gently slide cartons forward to where they can be efficiently accessed by pickers. In warehouses with increased volume and tight turnaround times, carton flow racks can substantially reduce the time operators spend loading, unloading and picking items.
  • Drive-In Rack- For maximum storage density, drive-in rack systems are a popular choice. By allowing forklifts to drive pallets directly into the racks where they’ll be stored, aisle space is all but eliminated. In warehouses with a first-in, last-out rotation of inventory, the advantages of a drive-in racking system are hard to beat.
  • Push-Back Rack- An increasingly popular choice for warehouses that want to increase their storage capacity but still have easy access to multiple SKUs. They offer the ability to store pallets more densely without sacrificing inventory access. While push-back racks typically involve a higher initial cost than simple pallet racks, many distribution centers have found them to be a wise investment in efficiency and safety, as well as the overall support of inventory management.
  • Wire Deck- For even support of palletized goods and materials, wire decking is an extremely smart and safe choice. Made of welded wire mesh, wire decking has the added benefit of letting light shine through, as well as water, which is crucial in the event of a fire. For material shelving support, wire decking is not only a leading choice — it’s also an increasingly common fire code requirement for indoor storage spaces.

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