It’s been estimated that an average forklift and its operator can travel from truck to dock as many as 10,000 times a month. And if there’s an uneven height or a gap between the trailer and docking floor, a jarring motion can repeatedly occur that could damage your equipment and injure your personnel.

There’s even a name for the repeated impacts forklift operators suffer when repeatedly making uneven floor-to-truck passes. It’s known as “whole body vibration” or “dock shock” and it can cost your business thousands in workers’ compensation benefits. And according to injury statistics, today, more than 20 percent of forklift operators report having neck and/or back problems related to the job.

Advantages of Loading Dock Levelers

To avoid the dock shock scenario, more and more warehouses and distribution centers are installing loading dock levelers. These units make the transition from trailer to dock floor a smooth one so that every trip your forklift and operator makes is safe, efficient and more productive. Companies that use dock levelers also report a decline in inventory damages, since the level transfer involved in loading and unloading goods helps ensure less jarring, bumping and dropping of the materials being handled.

Types of Dock Levelers

Loading dock levelers should fit relatively seamlessly into the loading space where they’re employed. For this reason, there are different types of dock levelers to meet the needs of varying material handling needs. In general, loading dock levelers come in three categories:

  • Hydraulic dock levelers: These highly reliable dock levelers require little maintenance and have one of the most affordable lifecycles of any model.
  • Mechanical dock levelers: These dock levelers offer some of the most robust protection of equipment, personnel, and inventory of any model on the market.
  • Air-powered dock levelers: Similar to the hydraulic model but air-powered instead, these dock levelers offer some of the smoothest transitions between docks and trailers.

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