commercial garage doors on loading dock at warehouse

Although a lot of companies in the storage and warehouse industry consider their system of racking palletized goods one of the most important design decisions they’ll make, what many overlook is the importance of their overhead doors. In recent years, commercial garage doors have come a long way when it comes to design, functionality and versatility.

What’s so interesting is that a lot of people don’t even notice overhead garage doors until they don’t work properly or are in need of repair. In many commercial settings, a garage door is placed in the open position sometime in the early morning and left open until the business closes at night. There are even 24-hour operations where overhead doors are rarely closed at all. However, in other settings where security, cleanliness or noise issues are important, a garage door might be in almost constant use. And yet in all of these instances, garage doors are critical to the smooth operation of the business.

Of course, just about any overhead door company can sell you a new or replacement commercial door. The challenge, however, is finding a company that understands your needs and can suggest a style of garage door that will fit both your budget and operational needs. That’s why working with our experts at McCall Handling is such a smart decision. We’ve been in business for over 65 years serving the Mid-Atlantic region’s storage and warehouse equipment needs. That means we understand not just the overhead door market but also the larger picture of how each door is an integral part of the commercial environment where it’s installed.

Styles of Commercial Garage Doors

When you think of curb appeal, you probably think of residential real estate — but did you know that commercial overhead doors are being made in ever-more-attractive designs? Today’s commercial garage doors don’t just increase

the security and efficiency of a building — they also uplift its aesthetic appeal. Consider that the right style of door communicates a great deal about a building’s cleanliness, security and even its environmental friendliness.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles of overhead doors:

  • Rolling doors: This style of door is known for its ability to be custom-fit into almost any door opening. In addition, its ease of operation means a good rolling steel door can be counted on for both reliability and durability.
  • Sectional doors: Often ordered in an insulated style, sectional doors of either steel or aluminum are a popular choice. What’s more, when fitted with windows they can let significant light into an otherwise dark space.
  • Fire doors: In a setting where fire safety is critical, there’s nothing like a fire door to ensure safety and security. These doors also undergo rigorous testing to ensure they perform well in challenging circumstances.
  • High-speed doors: Typically available in either metal or fabric styles, high-speed doors help keep a high-traffic warehouse, loading dock or other interior space protected from the elements. And for the safety of your inventory and personnel, this type of door adds a level of security few others have.

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