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New Four-Wheel Electric Forklifts

Four-wheel electric forklifts offer improved stability and higher lift capacities than three-wheel models. As a result, they are more versatile and better suited to a broader range of terrains and applications. Uses include loading and unloading trucks, floor stacking and racking at low or medium heights. Disadvantages include their higher initial purchase price and wider turning radius.

The McCall Handling inventory includes four-wheel electric forklifts by Hyster and other numerous other manufacturers. We work exclusively with manufacturers like Hyster whose products we trust and stand behind all items with service and support from our team of experts.

We are a longstanding partner to warehouses and distribution centers, retailers, manufacturers and organizations in other industries. If you’re looking for a four-wheel electric counterbalance forklift for any task, we would be happy to recommend a model that’s suited to the specific needs of your industry and environment. We also offer operator training, financing, service and more.

You’ll find out current inventory below. Visit individual machine pages for detailed specifications, or stop by one of our five locations in the Mid-Atlantic region for help.  To contact us regarding a machine, click here!