Genie Lifts For Sale

Improve safety and efficiency working at heights by using high-quality Genie lifts from McCall Handling. With applications that range from lifting workers and their tools to all sorts of material handling options, aerial lifts from Genie are quickly replacing the use of time-consuming scaffolds and accident-prone ladders.

With a history that stretches over five decades, the Genie Company has firmly established itself as an industry leader in compressed air aerial work platforms. That’s why a wide range of industries — from warehouse and distribution centers to maintenance providers and construction companies — rely on these rugged boom lift platforms to perform multiple tasks, including:

  • Product handling and inventory management
  • Routine building and facility maintenance 
  • Painting 
  • HVAC and rooftop service
  • Tree trimming
  • Window and power washing
  • And much more 

With slip-resistant platforms, secure railings and special platform lowering systems in case of power outages, our Genie lifts are more than workhorses. They also provide a new dimension in working safely at heights. By mitigating the risks associated with falls and accidents, your entire enterprise enjoys a better safety record, while reaching new heights of productivity.